Birds for Sofia
helping children with rare diseases to get access to life-saving treatments
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We support children diagnosed with rare, inheritable diseases from different parts of the world. We help families to get access to life-saving treatments. We fast-forward the fundraising process before it is too late.
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BFS Impact Report Q1-Q2, 2022
Why Birds for Sofia
We named our nonprofit after Sofia Darbinyan, a child with SMA whose life was saved. Sofia was one of the more fortunate children who did receive Zolgensma therapy. To raise the funds for her treatment, over fifteen hundred artists around the world drew birds in Sofia's honor. Bird by bird, they brought new awareness to her cause, and Sofia was saved.

Help us send the birds of hope to those who really need them. Join our fight for children with rare diseases today!

Sofia Darbinyan
painting by Jodi Sparber @jodisparber_art
Artists from left to right: Hannah Yata "Coquette", 2020; Paula Schramm "Dancers in White", 2020;
Alex Warnick "Red-faced Warbler and Mexican Blue Oak", 2019, a panel of multiple artists
More birds you can find on Instagram @birdsforsofia

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