Birds for Sofia
helping children with rare diseases to get access to life-saving treatments
The mission of the "Birds for Sofia" is to support children diagnosed with rare diseases from the underrepresented parts of the world. We help families to get access to gene therapy. We fast-forward the fundraising process before it is too late.
One of the major rare diseases we support is spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). It is a fatal genetic disease. SMA affects approximately one in every ten thousand babies born each year. Most of them do not live past two years of age.

One of the leading medicines to treat SMA, Zolgensma (by Novartis), is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive medicine in the world ($2.1 million per one injection). Zolgensma replaces the function of the missing or non-working SMN1 gene with a new working copy of the human SMN1gene. In essence, it halts the disease at its root.

Zolgensma's accessibility is extremely low due to its astronomically high cost. Today, in many parts of the world, hundreds of SMA-afflicted children cannot receive the gene-based therapy they desperately need to survive.
Why Birds for Sofia
Birds for Sofia is a registered nonprofit organization. At the moment we're waiting to receive tax-exempt status from IRS.

We named our initiative after Sofia Darbinyan, a child with SMA whose life was saved several months ago. Sofia was one of the more fortunate children who did receive Zolgensma therapy. To raise the funds for her treatment, over fifteen hundred artists around the world drew birds in Sofia's honor. Bird by bird, they brought new awareness to her cause, and Sofia was saved.

Help us send the birds of hope to those who really need them. Join our fight for children with SMA today!

Sofia Darbinyan
painting by Jodi Sparber @jodisparber_art
Artists from left to right: Hannah Yata "Coquette", 2020; Paula Schramm "Dancers in White", 2020;
Alex Warnick "Red-faced Warbler and Mexican Blue Oak", 2019, a panel of multiple artists
More birds you can find on Instagram @birdsforsofia

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