Birds for Sofia
We help children with rare diseases gain access to life-saving treatments and rehabilitation.
Our Mission
We support children diagnosed with rare and inheritable diseases from Eastern Europe. We help families to gain access to life-saving treatments and rehabilitation. We help to raise the much-needed funds for children who have a finite time when they are eligible for life-changing healthcare. We also support our children and their caregivers prior to and after gene therapy treatments.
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Our Programs
USA Resettlement Program
Birds for Sofia aims to assist Ukrainian families with children with rare diseases who came to the USA as a part of the "Uniting for Ukraine" (U4U) program during the initial 90 days after arrival. Thanks to BFS's assistance, children with SMA and other life-threatening conditions get access to medical care. BFS provides help with housing, navigating the US healthcare system, and accessing the public services available for U4U participants.
Medical Support For Children with Genetic Diseases from Ukraine
During the war, children with rare diseases were hit the most. Some are cut off from qualified medical help with no access to medicine, medical equipment, and rehabilitation.

Help us send the birds of hope to the most vulnerable families from Ukraine.
SMA Program
Maksym Kyryk from Lviv, Ukraine has SMA type 2 and requires Zolgensma medication which costs $1.8MM. The campaign is still missing $1MM. With your help, Maksym will have a life without a major disability. His family will be forever grateful for this gift of life for Maksym.
Unbiased Genetic Disease Program
We deliver aid to children born with rare and less-known genetic diseases. Our program primarily assists with medical bills and FDA-approved treatments not covered by insurance.
Genetic Testing for Undiagnosed Patients Program
Detecting a genetic disease at an early stage can help stop its further progression or prevent its irreversible effects by finding timely and appropriate therapy.

Please join our mission of improving the quality of life for kids with rare diseases in Eastern Europe.
Together we can do more!

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BFS Impact Reports Q1-Q2, Q3, 2022
Why We Are Birds for Sofia
Our not-for-profit organization was named after Sofia Darbinyan. She is a child with Spinal Muscular Atrophy whose life was saved through generous donations. As a result, Sofia was one of the more fortunate children whom was able to access Zolgensma gene therapy treatment. In an effort to raise the funds for her treatment, over fifteen hundred artists from around the world drew or painted birds in Sofia's honor.

Each and every art piece our artist partners made created a new awareness to her specific cause. Due to their efforts and talents Sofia's life was saved and forever changed. Please help us send additional the birds of hope to those who really need them today. Please partner with us to continue changing the lives of children with rare diseases in Ukraine and throughout the world.

Sofia Darbinyan
painting by Jodi Sparber @jodisparber_art
Artists from left to right: Hannah Yata "Coquette", 2020; Paula Schramm "Dancers in White", 2020;
Alex Warnick "Red-faced Warbler and Mexican Blue Oak", 2019, a panel of multiple artists
More birds you can find on Instagram @birdsforsofia

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