Genetic Testing for Undiagnosed Patients Program
Working with kids with rare diseases from Eastern Europe, we've been regularly facing the problem of poor diagnostics and screening. Years of unsuccessful treatment, constant change of medications, and misdiagnosis resulting in the deterioration of a child's condition are common in countries, where genetic testing is not covered by insurance.

Therefore, our Genetic Testing for Undiagnosed Patients Program is designed to give access to full cycle service for symptomatic undiagnosed children from Eastern Europe, where BFS will cover:

☑️ the initial consultation with a geneticist

☑️ prescribed genetic test

☑️ its follow-up interpretation, and

☑️ treatment roadmap

We believe that in most cases early diagnosis is the key to a better life quality of life for rare disease patients.

Detecting a genetic disease at its very beginning can help stop its further progression or prevent its irreversible effects by finding timely and appropriate therapy.

Please join our mission of saving the lives of kids with rare diseases, together we can do more!

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