About Katya
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About Katya
Katya (Katyusha) Zasukha was born on a sunny day, August 13th, 2020. Mom Marina and dad Sergey were excited to meet their precious little girl. The pregnancy and delivery went uneventful. At birth, Katya weighed healthy 7.4 pounds, she was 20 inches long and received a high Apgar score. On the 3rd day, mom and Katya were discharged from the hospital.

Days passed, weeks and then months of joy. At the age of three months, Katya could not hold her head. The parents sounded the alarm. They went through all the examinations that can possibly be done in Ukraine. Nothing was found.

As last resort, the parents were told to get a genetic test.
The result of this test came devastating. The most horrible suspicion was confirmed. Katya was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1.

Ukrainian doctors in the Dnipro region haven't seen many SMA patients and did not give Katya proper treatment. At the age of four months, Katyusha ended up in the intensive care unit with bilateral pneumonia and fought for her life for weeks.

During this hospitalization she had a tracheostomy installed, and received the first doses of Risdiplam, supportive therapy for SMA patients.

Right around this time Katya's parents learned about groundbreaking gene therapy, Zolgensma, and opened a collection to purchase the most expensive medicine right away.

After 4 months of resuscitation, the doctors allowed Katya to come home. Katya began to gain strength and the collection began to gain momentum. Unfortunately, on February 24th, 2022, due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, the family had to leave everything behind and flee Ukraine.

In Warsaw, the family struggled to rent an apartment for a while with a bedridden child in their hands. Within days Katya's collection completely stopped. With it the hope for a brighter future for their daughter.

At Birds for Sofia, we believe that every child has a chance at life. We hope that with your help, Katya will receive this life-saving treatment soon.

Let's open our hearts to this precious child from Ukraine in such a difficult time for her country. Let's show kindness and hope against the darkness and brutality of the war.
Katya Zasukha
Diagnosis: Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1
Age: one-year-old
The amount needs to be raised: $1,877,768
Type of collection: urgent
Medical Bill
Here is the estimate of Zolgensma cost at Medcare Women and Children Hospital in Dubai, UAE
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