About Ksenia Karimova
Meet Ksenia Karimova from Ukraine

Ksenia is 12 and she suffers from hereditary hypophosphatemic vitamin D-resistant rickets, phosphate diabetes, or XLH.

Ksenia's delay in growth and physical development became noticeable already at the age of 6 months and was only getting worse. She was refusing to walk and complaining of severe pain due to spine and leg deformations. Allergic manifestations, teeth decay, and frequent colds made the fight for Ksenia's health even harder.

The right diagnosis was first established at the age of 2 at the Okhmatdit Children's Hospital in Kyiv, but the subsequent 4 years of treatment gave no results. Unfortunately, there are still no officially registered phosphorus-containing medications in Ukraine.

To save their child, the family had to look for a clinic all over the world. The proper help was given to them in Israel, at the Hadassah clinic. By then, Ksenia was already 6 years old and only 37.2 inches tall. Miraculously, already after 6 months of treatment, the first results appeared: the teeth were less destroyed, the joint gaps got reduced, and the condition of the bones improved significantly. Thanks to this treatment, it became possible to avoid bone surgeries. Ksenia started to grow!

Ksenia is now 51.5 inches tall and weighs 72 lb. At first glance, she does not differ from her peers, except for her height. She attends a regular school and is engaged in swimming in a sports school for children with disabilities. In 3 years of professional training, Ksenia received 14 awards for 1st place and now dreams of defending the status of candidate for master of sports in her classification.

Meanwhile, as Ksenia grows, the doses of medications are increasing too. She depends on more than 10 different medications daily for life and has no right to stop fighting for a better future after what she's been through.

Ksenia's parents turn to our Foundation and all of you asking to support them with pharmaceuticals and X-Rays, plus a follow-up doctor's appointment for a total cost of $13,920 (bank transfer fees included)

Let's come together for Ksenia and help this talented young girl to live a full life.

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