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About Maksym
Maksym Kyryk was born on May 28th, 2020. In the first year of his life, he developed normally, like any other healthy baby. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. However, when the time came, he didn't learn how to walk. The parents went to a neurologist and the doctor advised Maksym to start massage therapy and physical exercises. His parents hoped that after this therapy Maksym would start walking on his own. The rehabilitation gave results, but not as it should be. Maksym still did not control his balance.

On March 30, 2021, Maksym's father, Petro, got into a terrible accident and got seriously injured. He became disabled and constantly requires rehabilitation courses himself. When the war began, the family fled Ukraine since there are limited health services available at the moment in this country. In Poland, the father's rehabilitator examined Maksym and immediately sent him to a neurologist. He suspected that Maksym has SMA and suggested testing him for spinal muscular atrophy or SMA.

On April 4, 2022, the diagnosis came and it confirmed that Maksym has a mild form of this inheritable, neurological disease - SMA, type 3. At the moment Maksym is still walking but has a poor balance (duck gait).

Without treatment, he will soon lose this ability as well as other motor skills. Maksym can get substantially better if he receives gene therapy called Zolgensma. Only one injection is needed to halt the disease at its root.

Maksym's weight still makes him eligible to receive Zolgensma by European protocol of treatment. The Medcare Hospital for Women and Children in Dubai (UAE) is ready to accept Maksym. The estimated cost for this treatment is $1.8M, an unattainable sum for a refugee family from Ukraine.

Please, consider helping Maksym today! With your help, he will receive this most needed treatment and will have a bright future without a major disability. Maksym has a chance to become much stronger and have a good quality of life. He will be able to walk, go to school, and play with other kids. His family will be forever grateful for this gift of life for Maksym.
Maksym Kyryk
Diagnosis: Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 3
Age: 2 years old
The amount needs to be raised: $1.8M
Type of collection: urgent
Medical Bill
Here is the estimated cost of SMA treatment in Dubai (UAE)
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