About Sergey
Medical Bill
About Sergey
Sergey Privalov-Lecont @seryozhahelp is one of a few children around the world who has ultra-rare NEMO syndrome. NEMO is a rare genetic disorder that impacts the immune system. Sergey's immune system cannot protect him from the environment: any virus or bacteria can kill him.

In order to survive, Sergey needs to receive antibodies in the form of immunoglobulin every month. Immunoglobulin helps his body fight infections. Sergey has been dependent on it since a very young age.

Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic complications, the pharmaceutical companies stopped importing immunoglobulin to Russia. Without it, Sergey's life is in grave danger.

The only way to stop the progression of NEMO syndrome is to transplant bone marrow from a 100% matching donor. This way Sergey's body will "learn" how to make his own healthy cells of the immune system.

The doctors from the University Children's Hospital in Zurich have a successful record of treating two patients with NEMO in the past. The hospital invited Sergey for treatment but the price tag for his surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation is enormous.

It costs $652,194

Sergey's family needs to raise this amount as soon as possible.

Help us save Sergey!
Sergey Privalov
Diagnosis: PID, NEMO syndrome
Age: 7 years old
The amount needs to be raised: $635K
Type of collection: urgent
Medical Bill
The estimated cost of treatment (Syndrome NEMO)
at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital (Ohio)

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