About Sasha
Meet Oleksandr Smitiuh from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Sasha was born on December 29, 2009, and until the age of 5 was growing slowly but steadily. There were no deviations from normal development.

At five he was the shortest in class but his family and doctors believed he'd catch up. However, when the difference between Sasha's height and the height of his peers reached 7.8 inches or 20 cm the doctors suspected a genetic abnormality.

The doctors suggested a complete hormonal examination and MRI. A brain MRI confirmed that Sasha has pituitary dwarfism.

This rare genetic disease can't be prevented, but luckily, it responds to medical correction with hormones. The required dose of hormones increases depending on age and weight and needs to be injected daily until the growth zones are closed, i.e. approximately up to 18 years of age.

By now, the 8th year of Sasha's treatment has begun and 60% of the necessary therapy is already injected. Sasha's results are really striking, he is 13 y.o. and 4.7 feet/1.46 meters tall.

He is strong enough to play for a local football team, just like his hero, Leo Messi, who was also diagnosed with the same disease.
If Sasha continues hormonal treatment, his internal organs will develop correctly and function like those of a healthy person.

Sasha has a 99% chance of living a healthy and fulfilling life and even becoming a football star!

Right now with a war in Ukraine, his parents cannot afford to pay for his hormonal therapy, the medical bill is $900 per month.

At Birds for Sofia, we believe that every child deserves to receive the required treatment despite of the country of origin or social economic situation of the family.

Let's support Sasha's growth by supplying him with the annual doses of Genotropin. Let's help to build a successful healthy future for this Ukrainian teenager!
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