Medical Support for Kids With Genetic Diseases From Ukraine
Today, we are focusing all our efforts on Ukrainian children who battle rare diseases. As you may know, the situation in Ukraine right now is critical. Along with their compatriots, Ukrainian children with rare diseases and their families are trying to survive the devastation and horror of Vladimir Putin's brutal invasion.

Some Ukrainian families left their home country with nothing and became refugees elsewhere. Some are still in Ukraine with extremely limited access to medicine, rehabilitation therapy, and medical equipment.

Most kids with rare diseases need life-supporting items around the clock. With no outside help, these kids have a high risk of irreversible complications to their health.

Since February 2022 we sent our help to more than 200 Ukrainian families and covered their crucial medical needs worth $337,914.

Here is what we provide:

1. most needed medical supplies and medications,
2. portable noninvasive ventilators and oxygen concentrators
3. sitters, wheelchairs, and more!
4. personal grants to families in need to spend on medical expenses locally.

Let's stand together in kindness against the darkness and pain of war. Let's send the birds of hope to those who need them most!

Children We Helped
Thank you to all of you who helped us send the most needed items and medicine to the children with rare diseases from Ukraine
  • Erik Morozov from Odessa
    SMA type 1, received diapers and formula
  • Maria Teresa Mikhailovska from Lviv
    SMA type 1, received Tomato Sitter size 1
  • Nazar Kurchak from Chernivtsi Oblast
    SMA type 2, received Tomato Sitter size 1, Verticalizer
  • Dima Zhadan from Nikolaev
    SMA type 2, Received Tomato Sitter with Wooden Frame and Wheels size 3, special nutrition
  • Matvey Daniliuk from Dnipro
    SMA type 1, received vibroplatform Gymtek
  • Joint Humanitarian Aid with Palm of Hope
    Marianna Bogdanova from Kramatorsk
    SMA type 2, in process of receiving Ranger Spacepro Carbon Lightweight Folding New Era Power Chair and Air Cough Assist T70
  • Joint Humanitarian Aid with Palm of Hope
    Maria Chigrichenko from Poltava oblast
    Cystic fibrosis, in the process of receiving medications worth $5,380
  • Polina Kozenkova from Pisochyn
    SMA type 2, received a personal grant to purchase an electric wheelchair
  • Vasilina Kvasha
    Cystic fibrosis, received Ingalator, sterilizer, special nutricion
  • Rostislav Yantkov
    SMA type II, received a grant to buy wheelchair and "Motomed Viva" training device
  • Anastasia Brezhneva
    Cystic fibrosis, received Inhalator, nebulizer, orthopaedic shoes, and a grant to purchase medicine for 3 months
  • Natalia Zaitseva
    SMA Type III, received a grant to purchase 14 packs of vitamin D
  • Mikhailo Utkin
    Cystic fibrosis, received mini-trampoline, special nutrition, 2 filters for Ingalator
  • Katya Vesheva from Odesa region
    Adams-Oliver syndrome, a grant to purchase a stroller
  • Valdislav Kamminiy
    SMA type II, received Vibration Platform Hypervibe G10v2 and Upseat sitter
  • Katya Zasukha from Dnipro, Ukraine
    SMA type 1, received Tomato Sitter 1 and nutrition drinks
  • Nikin Sivun
    SMA type 3, received an electric scooter
  • Danislav Bersenev
    Cystic fibrosis, received Pari Eflow Inhalator and nutrition drinks
  • Varvara Mayer
    Epileptic encephalopathy with SLC6A1 mutation, received rehabilitation in center Atlantis in Belgium
  • Sviatoslav Onoprienko
    Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, received a grant to pay for blood tests and transportation
  • Demyan Kochkur
    Cystic fibrosis, received Inhalator Pari Boy
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