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Help Resettle Ukrainian Refugee Families in the USA
Birds for Sofia will assist families with children with rare diseases to come to the USA via the "Uniting for Ukraine" program. For many of these families coming to the US means improving a child's living condition or even saving a life!

BFS will help families in multiple aspects of their new life including navigating the US health care system, housing, and public services available for immigrants.

Currently, we have 5 families willing to relocate to the US.
We will support each family during a 90-day period of transition to independent living in the USA.

100% of the received funds will be spent on supporting the each family's start-up and living including:

☑️ Co-pay for rent and utilities for the first 90 days
☑️ Food and basic necessities
☑️ Cell phones
☑️ Transportation for families with kids with special needs to the hospital and around the city.

Please help us welcome Ukrainian refugee families with kids with rare diseases to the US!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling this great mission to help kids with rare diseases and their families!

Help Resettle Ukrainian Refugees With Rare Diseases Children
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